It’s OK (Necessary) to Sweat


The thought of sweat, perspiration (whatever you want to call it) may sound like a gross topic.  But it’s a necessary bodily function, ranks right up there with breathing.  It’s common knowledge that the body uses sweat to regulate body temperature.  However, there are many more benefits to engaging in a sweat session on a regular basis.  As usual, remember to hydrate!


Green Tea

Green Tea Chalkboard

Green tea should be a superfood, if it’s not already.  (I’ll have to check the list for it.) I usually see this amazing tea on lists for weight loss “hacks”.  I frown when I see that because green tea isn’t just good for weight loss.  Green tea has a host of other benefits that go well beyond dropping a few pounds.  There are numerous reasons to drink green tea and I’m not talking about the kind you can grab from your grocer’s refrigerator.  I’m talking about brewing good ole’ fashioned tea leaves or bags.


Scale vs Tape Measure

Tape Measure vs Scale

It’s the middle of Summer…YAY!!!  Picture this (à la Sophia Petrillo)…Back in January you made a decision to get back in shape.  You set some amazing goals.  You meticulously planned your meals.  You also plotted your workouts and rest days on iCal or your Google calendar.  And you’re even sticking to that schedule.  But…Are you using a scale or tape measure to track your progress?** That’s actually a trick question.  You should be using both.

Sure…Most of us have a goal weight in mind.  Maybe it’s that high school weight.  Or, it may be that wedding dress weight that we’re all trying to get back to.  The frustrating part is that the scale alone is not an accurate way of tracking your fitness progress.


Clutter…How Much Does It Matter?


Clutter doesn’t sound like a common topic in a health & wellness blog.  Workouts, water intake, and motivation are, perhaps, the first things to come to mind when talking about fitness.  Clutter is something we only think about when it comes “spring cleaning” or when it’s time to move.  Even when we’re forced, we look at decluttering as a daunting task that we want to get over with as quickly as possible.


Get Outside!


It’s Summertime!  Well, ALMOST summertime.  It is, however, the perfect time to take your workouts outside.  Winter was brutal in most parts of the country.  Hopefully everyone is thawed by now and takes advantage of the warmer temperatures.  You can take virtually any exercise into the great outdoors.  A mere change in environment can invigorate a stale workout routine.  Getting outside doesn’t only breathe new life into your fitness routine.  Most importantly, being outdoors puts you in front of that much-needed sunlight.  Did you know that a lot of us do not get enough sunlight each day?  If that’s the case, an artificial sunlight will help tremendously.


Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes always make an appearance in my shopping cart.  Not only are they good for you (superfood status, anyone?), they are also delicious!  Back in Missouri, I only purchased the yellow variety, as that’s all that was available.  However, in South Florida, I’ve been purchasing white sweet potatoes regularly.  These are the only kind that my local Publix carries in the organic variety.


Morning Routine

Morning Routine

Morning routine… Everyone has one.  The difference is that some routines are chaotic, while others are organized.  Either way, it sets the tone for the day.  Successful people attribute a large part of their success to their morning routine.  Tony Robbins promotes taking a ‘power hour’ each morning.  Steve Jobs talked about looking himself in the mirror every morning and asking himself if he would be happy with his day if it were his last.  If the answer “no” too many days in a row, he knew he needed to make changes.


Self Care Importance


Self-care should always be top of mind.  Not only important, self-care is necessary to keep a healthy body and sound mind.  You know the saying, “You can’t pour from an empty cup.”?  It’s true!  If you don’t have time, money, patience, love, or anything else, you can’t expect to give that to others.  No matter how much or what we try to give; time, money, patience, love, if we don’t have it, we can’t give it.  It’s impossible!  Think of self-care as a gift to others.  The better you feel, the more you’ll have to share with others.


Recharge Your Batteries

Recharge your batteries

Do you need a recharge?  In today’s go-go-go society, being busy is glamorized.  We may get the feeling that if we’re not busy, then we’re not accomplishing anything.  However, this is not always the case.  Busy doesn’t always mean progress.  Sometimes, it feels as though nothing is going as planned.  Or nothing really sounds appealing.  When this happens, we may need to recharge our batteries.  It’s normal to feel this way periodically.  It can come from burnout.  Even if it’s not a full-blown burnout moment, it’s important that we recharge our batteries on a regular basis.


Rest Days

Rest days

Rest days should be a part of your workout regimen.  It’s essential to take rest days regularly. Without them, you run the risk of burnout as well as injury.  Sure, it’s always fun to count steps, miles, strokes, and reps.  But you also need a break.  Don’t look at it as slacking off, but as part of your training.  When to take a rest day varies. Some people schedule their rest days.  Others take them on an “as needed” basis.  I find it easier to schedule my rest days in my calendar.