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It’s OK (Necessary) to Sweat


The thought of sweat, perspiration (whatever you want to call it) may sound like a gross topic.  But it’s a necessary bodily function, ranks right up there with breathing.  It’s common knowledge that the body uses sweat to regulate body temperature.  However, there are many more benefits to engaging in a sweat session on a regular basis.  As usual, remember to hydrate!


Scale vs Tape Measure

Tape Measure vs Scale

It’s the middle of Summer…YAY!!!  Picture this (à la Sophia Petrillo)…Back in January you made a decision to get back in shape.  You set some amazing goals.  You meticulously planned your meals.  You also plotted your workouts and rest days on iCal or your Google calendar.  And you’re even sticking to that schedule.  But…Are you using a scale or tape measure to track your progress?** That’s actually a trick question.  You should be using both.

Sure…Most of us have a goal weight in mind.  Maybe it’s that high school weight.  Or, it may be that wedding dress weight that we’re all trying to get back to.  The frustrating part is that the scale alone is not an accurate way of tracking your fitness progress.


Get Outside!


It’s Summertime!  Well, ALMOST summertime.  It is, however, the perfect time to take your workouts outside.  Winter was brutal in most parts of the country.  Hopefully everyone is thawed by now and takes advantage of the warmer temperatures.  You can take virtually any exercise into the great outdoors.  A mere change in environment can invigorate a stale workout routine.  Getting outside doesn’t only breathe new life into your fitness routine.  Most importantly, being outdoors puts you in front of that much-needed sunlight.  Did you know that a lot of us do not get enough sunlight each day?  If that’s the case, an artificial sunlight will help tremendously.


Rest Days

Rest days

Rest days should be a part of your workout regimen.  It’s essential to take rest days regularly. Without them, you run the risk of burnout as well as injury.  Sure, it’s always fun to count steps, miles, strokes, and reps.  But you also need a break.  Don’t look at it as slacking off, but as part of your training.  When to take a rest day varies. Some people schedule their rest days.  Others take them on an “as needed” basis.  I find it easier to schedule my rest days in my calendar.  


Gym Bag Essentials

gym bag

What you keep in your gym bag can help you succeed in your fitness journey.  The “perfect” gym bag is stocked with your gym essentials, but small enough to fit in the gym locker.  You also want to pack light.  Dragging a 50lb bag on your commute is no fun!  Depending on your gym, they may have some items available for purchase for you.  But who wants to pay top-dollar for a pair of socks.  Plus, your gym may not carry your favorite deodorant.


Workout Buddy

workout buddy

Who’s your workout buddy?  If you don’t have one, you should find one.  The workout buddy will keep you accountable.  Your workout buddy will help reach your fitness goals.  Your buddy can help get you out of your comfort zone.  Most importantly, your workout buddy will keep you motivated.  Keep in mind, your buddy doesn’t need to local to you.

Your buddy, like mine, can be clear across the country.  A virtual buddy offers the same benefits as an in persona workout partner.  The most important characteristic is that your workout buddy be reliable.  At the same time, you’ll need to reciprocate that reliability.


Make Time for Exercise

Make time

Make time for exercise or you’ll be forced to make time for illness.  Sounds a bit judgy, right?  I can’t remember where I read that, but it kind of rubbed me the wrong way.  At first I thought it was casting judgment.  But as I gave it more thought, the more I agreed.  As women, we tend to put others’ needs ahead of our own; exercise being one of them.  Some may see exercise as ‘me-time’ or selfish.  Exercise can be your way of having me-time.  However, it’s not selfish.  Exercising is necessary to stay healthy.


What’s Not to Love About Walking?

Walking for fitness is something we often take for granted.  It’s something we learned to do as babies, and most of us can do it.  Despite its simplicity, walking is an exercise you should add to your workout regimen.  It doesn’t matter if you’re new to fitness or training for twentieth Ironman (or attempting to shake a rut), walking benefits everyone.  Walking, even a few minutes a day, can change your mood and improve your heart health.