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Little Things

little things

Little things have a huge impact when lot when it comes to gratitude.  We easily express gratitude for the bigger, obvious things (the perfect house, luxury car, boat, etc.) when it comes to talking about things to be grateful for.  All too often, we forget to acknowledge and appreciate the little things in life.  Because they seem small, it’s easy to let these slip by in our daily hustle and bustle.  But no matter how mundane something might seem, it’s important realize that it is important and plays a significant role in our lives.  Without the small things, life would be more difficult, if not, near impossible.


Lessons, Losses, Setbacks


Lessons, losses, setbacks; these are not words you’d want to hear when working towards a goal or project.  However, these happen in all facets of life and need to be embraced.  In fact, we should look forward to these lessons.  Today is Thankful Thursday, so of course, we’ll talk about how we should be grateful for lessons, losses, and setbacks.  It’s important to not look at these experiences as losses, but as lessons.




Gratitude is defined as the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.  It’s not only thanking someone for a favor or a gift.  It’s a practice.  One that, ideally, should be practiced daily.  November is usually the time of year when most of us are usually more mindful of what we’re grateful for.  But why not express what we’re grateful for throughout the year?  They say the more things you are grateful for, the more things you’ll have to be grateful for.  Makes sense, right?