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Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes always make an appearance in my shopping cart.  Not only are they good for you (superfood status, anyone?), they are also delicious!  Back in Missouri, I only purchased the yellow variety, as that’s all that was available.  However, in South Florida, I’ve been purchasing white sweet potatoes regularly.  These are the only kind that my local Publix carries in the organic variety.


Cheat Meals

cheat meals

Cheat meals are a frequent topic of discussion when it comes a fitness routine.  If enjoyed properly, cheat meals will not hinder your progress.  Actually, when it comes to progress, cheat meals are essential.  Keep in mind, I’m not talking about a streak where you’re eating nothing but junk.  I’m talking about the occasional cheat meal.  Depending on your goals and progress, you may be able to even get away with a cheat day.  But it’s important to keep the cheating in check. 


Hydration is Necessary!

We always hear about hydration and water intake.  How much? How often?  Should we wait till thirsty?  These are just a few of the questions that come when hydration is a topic of conversation. Summer is usually the time where worry more about our water intake.  However, proper hydration is necessary year-round. The hot weather makes staying properly hydrated a major area of concern.  But this is not the best plan of attack to keep your body at its peak. We need to keep hydrated every day, regardless of the weather.  The cooler temps during the winter make is easy to forget to stay hydrated.  Even though you’re not sweating buckets, it’s still possible to get dehydrated.


Why Drink Shakeology


Shakeology is one of the more popular shakes on the market.  It’s no secret that I’ve been a Team Beachbody coach for a few years.  The accountability that being a coach offers is amazing.  Not to mention the products work.  But, of course, you need to use them properly.  Shakeology can have all the benefits in the world.  But if you’re still having that McDouble Triple Burger every night, you might as well not waste your money.  It’s like that with any weight loss plan, diet, or workout routine, if you’re not covering all your bases, you won’t see lasting results.




Superfoods are everywhere! Actually, I haven’t heard the term too much lately.  But, fear not, superfoods still exist.  While there’s no official definition of superfood, it’s safe to say we can all agree that superfoods provide high levels of vitamins and minerals.  These foods can make you more energetic, fight disease, and maybe even lose weight.  What a winning combo!


Healthy Eating Habits

Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is such a broad term and can be interpreted so many different ways.  Regardless of your interpretation, healthy eating is frequently on our minds, especially this time of year.  It can be overwhelming to start a fitness journey.  We have so much information at our disposal.  Information overload can sometimes cause you to give up.  Or worse yet, the overwhelm can cause you to not even start.  The keys to a successful fitness journey are small, consistent steps.  It does nothing to eliminate gluten, dairy, and meat for one week only to go back to your original habits.  It’s better to make small changes and actually stick to them.


Lemon Water 101

Lemon Water

Lemon water has many health benefits.  No, I’m not talking about lemonade.  I’m talking adding lemon to your water.  Despite its wonderful benefits, drinking your lemon water is not the cornerstone to dieting.  However, it’s a great addition to your routine.  Remember, all small changes to your diet add up to big results.

My favorite way to have my lemon water is to drink it as a tea, first thing in the morning.  It’s usually the second thing I drink in the morning (16 ounces of water being the first).  I’m a firm believer in having a routine and this a huge part of it.