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Fitness success depends on many factors, support being one of them.  Having a good support system is just as important as the training plan and diet you're following.  It's common for lack to support to be the roadblock to one's success.  Sure...It would be great if we could do it


Spring is Here...Get Outside

Spring is Here! Well, it's been here for a few weeks. But since April is the first full month of Spring, let's celebrate that! It's also the beginning of a new month and a new quarter. All of this tells me that today is the perfect

New Year

New Year 2019

Happy New Year! It's that time again. New Year, New Me!  In the last few days, I've seen quite a few people scoffing at that idea.  More than I care to see, frankly.  I love the idea of a new beginning.  Of course we don't have to wait for a