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Green Tea

Green Tea Chalkboard

Green tea should be a superfood, if it's not already.  (I'll have to check the list for it.) I usually see this amazing tea on lists for weight loss "hacks".  I frown when I see that because green tea isn't just good for weight loss.  Green tea has a host

Clean Living Series: Deodorants


Welcome to Week Two of our Clean Living Series.  We're talking deodorants.  While at the personal care aisle, you'll see a seemingly endless choice of deodorants and antiperspirants.  When overhauling your personal care products, it's important to look at labels, just like with your diet.  In the last few years, there

Clean Living Series

Clean Living

Clean living is daunting task to take on.  There are so many aspects to consider; food, personal care products, environment.  Obviously, we can't control the environment.  But it's important to control and what we consume and put on our bodies. 384



Sunlight is necessary for life.  When it comes to sunshine, we often think it's only necessary for plants to thrive.  We fail to realize that we also need UV exposure.  Between the ease of working from and daylight savings time ending, we tend to miss out on those precious hours

Fitness Reboot

Fitness Reboot

Fitness reboot?  What's that?  Do you need one?  Sometimes we fall off the wagon and have to start over again.  Welcome to my world the last few months...err, years.  I signed up for several half marathons, only to not run them because I didn't train.  I couldn't even begin tell