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Support Crew

Fitness success depends on many factors, support being one of them.  Having a good support system is just as important as the training plan and diet you’re following.  It’s common for lack to support to be the roadblock to one’s success.  Sure…It would be great if we could do it alone.  But the fact of the matter is that support is critical.  Sometimes you just need an answer to a pressing question.  Other times, you may need direction on what to eat.

What’s Support?

Support isn’t just the person who meets you for a workout at 5AM, or the one who sweetly reminds you to stick to your plans.  It’s also the people who you’re motivating without you even knowing it.  Yep, it’s also those people who like each sweaty selfie you post.  Your crew should run the gamut.  Don’t rely solely on those physically around you.  Social media buddy also provide reassurance when those closest to us aren’t available.  Another beneficial addition is paid encouragement, AKA a personal trainer or coach.  A great personal trainer will not only push you physically.  But also provide encouragement when you need it most.  It’s this encouragement that pushes past the limits you thought you had.

Where to Find Support?

Finding your crew can be very easy if you know where to look.

  • Gym:  The gym is a great place to find someone on the same journey as you.  You can always strike up a conversation.  Just remember to read the room.
  • Walking/Running Clubs:  Most specialty running stores offer meet-ups where you can find others within your pace group.
  • Routine (Everywhere):  If you tend to walk/run at the same time and place, you’ll see the same people repeatedly.  Don’t be shy and strike up a conversation!


As much as support is important, it’s equally as important to understand that you can reach your goals even when the your crew isn’t readily available.  Ultimately, you need to remember that you are embarking on this journey for YOU.  Even if your workout buddy can’t make it, you still can.  You never know who you’ll inspire when push through.

Who are the Top Three on your crew?

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