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It’s OK (Necessary) to Sweat

The thought of sweat, perspiration (whatever you want to call it) may sound like a gross topic.  But it’s a necessary bodily function, ranks right up there with breathing.  It’s common knowledge that the body uses sweat to regulate body temperature.  However, there are many more benefits to engaging in a sweat session on a regular basis.  As usual, remember to hydrate!

Our skin is covered in sweat glands (two to five million, to be exact).  The amount of perspiration produced by each of those glands depends on many factors.  Weight, hormones, room temperature, a person’s age and gender can all play a part in the amount of sweat each person produces.  Because of this, it’s normal to see one person perspire more than another during the same activity.

Sweat Benefits

So, WHY is it important to allow the body to perspire?

  • Temperature Regulation:  When the body is too hot, sweat glands product perspiration to increase heat loss by perspiration.
  • Detoxifies:  Not only does sweating cool your body, it also releases harmful toxins found in the body.  This is reason to stay away from anti-perspirants and stick with deodorants.
  • Healthier Skin:  Studies show perspiration may act as a prebiotic that contributes to healthy skin bacteria.
  • Promotes Heart Health:  Sweating through regular exercise or sauna sessions promotes increased circulation.
  • Aid in Recovery:  Sweating increases the blood flow to muscles.  In doing so, recovery time from injury or muscle strain is decreases.

In addition to regular exercise, the benefits of sweating can also be achieved by sitting in the sauna.  Start with a short, 5-10 minute session just two times per week.  As always, check with your doctor before adding something new to your fitness routine.  It’s important to always hydrate when exiting the sauna!

How often do you engage in a sweaty session each week?