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Excuses Don’t Burn Calories

“Excuses don’t Burn Calories” is a phrase I’ve frequently heard.  I love it!  The phrase forces (or at least helps) us to face our sh!t…Own it!  Even though the phrase refers to fitness by referencing calories, this quote applies to every aspect of life.  You can apply it to the way you approach your career, business, family life…ALL OF IT!

Most of the time, excuses are way of self-preservation.  By making excuses, we protect our ego.  These give us an easy way to clear ourselves of shame and guilt.  If we rationalize that whatever happened (or didn’t) was out of our control, then it wasn’t our fault.  

Excuses, however, are not always negative.  If (BIG if) the excuse motivates us to do better by taking our worries off potential failure and shame, then it’s a great thing.  However, in the long run, continually repeating these “reasons” hinder our progress.  This creates a self-sabotaging pattern.


Overcoming Excuses

Once we figure out WHY we’re getting ourselves off the hook, we have a better chance at changing this bad habit for good.  In the first place, we need to figure out what kind of excuse we’re using. Excuses fall into three basic categories:

  • Justification: It’s always easy to rationalize that ONE time won’t hurt.  Or that it won’t make a difference.  “Skipping ONE workout won’t hurt.”
  • Denial: This usually sounds like, “It’s not my fault.” or “I don’t have time.”
  • Distraction: Also known as procrastination.  I am a master at this!

By categorizing our excuses, we can figure out and address the issue that’s keeping us from reaching our goals.  It is imperative that we don’t use an analyzing session as procrastination.  To avoid this, it’s best to figure things out when you don’t have any tasks left on your to-do list.

What’s you’re best excuse?  How did you combat it?  Or are you still working on overcoming your favorite excuse?

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