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Scale vs Tape Measure

It’s the middle of Summer…YAY!!!  Picture this (à la Sophia Petrillo)…Back in January you made a decision to get back in shape.  You set some amazing goals.  You meticulously planned your meals.  You also plotted your workouts and rest days on iCal or your Google calendar.  And you’re even sticking to that schedule.  But…Are you using a scale or tape measure to track your progress?** That’s actually a trick question.  You should be using both.

Sure…Most of us have a goal weight in mind.  Maybe it’s that high school weight.  Or, it may be that wedding dress weight that we’re all trying to get back to.  The frustrating part is that the scale alone is not an accurate way of tracking your fitness progress.

Scale vs Tape Measure

Stepping on my scale may be the easiest data to track, but it’s also the least reliable.  Because of this, you’ll want to add a tape measure to your fitness toolbox.  But, “Why?” you’re asking.  This is because the scale only measures pounds…Obviously!  The scale doesn’t accurately tell you whether you’re losing fat, water, or muscle.  Sure, a smart scale is capable of breaking down this data for us.  But it is not as accurate as a tape measure.  I’m not saying you should get rid of your fancy scale.  I own one myself.  And while I like all the data it tracks, I also use a good ole’ tape measure.

Tape Measure & Scale

The tape measure is very easy to use.  In order to accurately keep track of your progress, make sure you’re measuring the following areas: neck, chest, biceps, waist, hips, thighs, and calves.  You can keep written track of your progress or use MyFitnessPal.

How are you doing on the fitness goals or resolutions from earlier this year?  Most importantly, are you tracking them?

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