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Clutter…How Much Does It Matter?

Clutter doesn’t sound like a common topic in a health & wellness blog.  Workouts, water intake, and motivation are, perhaps, the first things to come to mind when talking about fitness.  Clutter is something we only think about when it comes “spring cleaning” or when it’s time to move.  Even when we’re forced, we look at decluttering as a daunting task that we want to get over with as quickly as possible.

It’s important to realize that clutter is not always obvious.  It’s not only that pile of clothes that we never wear.  Or that stack of paperwork that needs shredding.  It’s also the unread emails, the unused apps, and the people that don’t serve us.  Yes, you read that right.  The people around us can also be clutter.

How Does Clutter Affect Us?

Clutter is bad for our health.  It hinders our productivity and possibly relationships with others.  It even causes more unnecessary stress.  Think about how you feel when you have a pile of mail you need to go through.  But just keep dreading and pushing it off.  As small as that might seem, it’s unnecessary stress. Once we eliminate the small stresses and decisions, the larger decisions seem easier.  There are many other ways clutter negatively affects our life.  Once you see what these are, you’ll be more apt to clear that clutter out of your life.

  • Spending More:  A stack of unread mail can lead to unpaid bills, which leads to extra fees.
  • Isolation:  Many people with cluttered homes tend not to invite people over to their homes for fear of embarrassment.
  • Increased Stress:  Our home should be a sanctuary.  Disorder tends to make you not want to spend time there.
  • Ruins Diet:  A cluttered kitchen or dining area often leads to going to eat or take out in order to avoid tackling the mess.

It’s important to not use decluttering as a procrastination tactic.  Your place doesn’t need to 100% clutter-free to start working on a beloved project.  Just clearing a little bit each day helps.  Simply seeing progress, no matter how small, helps remove some of the adverse effects.

When did you last declutter?

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