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Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes always make an appearance in my shopping cart.  Not only are they good for you (superfood status, anyone?), they are also delicious!  Back in Missouri, I only purchased the yellow variety, as that’s all that was available.  However, in South Florida, I’ve been purchasing white sweet potatoes regularly.  These are the only kind that my local Publix carries in the organic variety.

There are many different varieties of potatoes.  Idaho, Russett, Yukon, fingerling…In short, too many to name.  FUN FACT:  Sweet potatoes and white potatoes are not actually related.  White potatoes belong to the nightshade family, whereas sweet potatoes belong to the morning glory family.

Sweet potatoes

Speaking of varieties, I have seen and used three different types of sweet potatoes; yellow, white, and purple.  As I said earlier, the yellow variety were the ones most common in Missouri.  I came across the white and purple kind in Florida.  I REALLY enjoy the yellow and the ones.  The purple ones were a bit too ‘earthy’ for my taste.  I haven’t written them off completely.  Once I find a new recipe for them, I’ll give them another shot.

Sweet Potatoes Benefits

  • Fiber:  Sweet potatoes are higher in fiber than the others.  A diet high in fiber helps promote regularity.
  • Vitamins C & D:  Vitamins C & D are both essential to life.  Vitamin C helps to keep a healthy immune system.  While Vitamin D promotes healthy bones to help ward off osteoporosis.  Not to mention, Vitamin D affects serotonin levels, which helps with improved mood.
  • Reduce Inflammation:  Inflammation causes pain, which can then keep us from our favorite activities.  The presence of beta carotene, Magnesium, and Vitamin C help to reduce inflammation.
  • Complex Carbs:  Complex carbs are necessary for energy.  Energy is necessary for all of us, especially those with a regular fitness schedule.
  • Versatile:  Sweet potatoes share their versatility with their counterparts.  They can be prepared virtually any way, baked, boiled, fried, steamed, sweet, savory, you name it!

What’s your favorite way to cook your potatoes?

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