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Get Outside!

It’s Summertime!  Well, ALMOST summertime.  It is, however, the perfect time to take your workouts outside.  Winter was brutal in most parts of the country.  Hopefully everyone is thawed by now and takes advantage of the warmer temperatures.  You can take virtually any exercise into the great outdoors.  A mere change in environment can invigorate a stale workout routine.  Getting outside doesn’t only breathe new life into your fitness routine.  Most importantly, being outdoors puts you in front of that much-needed sunlight.  Did you know that a lot of us do not get enough sunlight each day?  If that’s the case, an artificial sunlight will help tremendously.

I didn’t know that working out outside has a name.  Did you?  It’s called green exercise.  Who knew!  Green exercise can include mountain biking, canoeing, stand-up paddle boarding; even gardening is a form of green exercise.  In short, any physical activity done outside is green exercise.  So go grab your natural sunscreen and get outside!

Get Outside

  • Accessible:  We can all agree that it’s pretty easy to get outside.  Most of us are fortunate to be able to go for a quick walk when we want to.  It’s important we take advantage of that privilege whenever we can and get out!
  • Connect:  While working out outdoors, you’re pretty much forced to disconnect from electronics.  Being disconnected helps you connect with the outdoors.  Think about it, when was the last time you got lost in nature?
  • Efficiency:  A run outdoors is more efficient than a treadmill run.  Increased resistance naturally found outdoors will help make a mundane workout a little more difficult.
  • Vitamin D:  Sunshine exposure triggers our bodies to produce Vitamin D, which can help with depression, reduce osteoporosis risk, and boosts our immune system.
  • Feel Good:  Being outdoors releases feel-good endorphins, such as serotonin and dopamine.


When was the last time you went outdoors for a workout?  There are many options; walking, running, even gardening.  What’s your favorite outdoor exercise?

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