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Recharge Your Batteries

Do you need a recharge?  In today’s go-go-go society, being busy is glamorized.  We may get the feeling that if we’re not busy, then we’re not accomplishing anything.  However, this is not always the case.  Busy doesn’t always mean progress.  Sometimes, it feels as though nothing is going as planned.  Or nothing really sounds appealing.  When this happens, we may need to recharge our batteries.  It’s normal to feel this way periodically.  It can come from burnout.  Even if it’s not a full-blown burnout moment, it’s important that we recharge our batteries on a regular basis.

Recharge Your Batteries

While it’s important to take a break, it’s doesn’t have to be a full day off.  A daily meditation session can be the answer.

  • Get Outside:  Most of us work indoors, at a desk.  Fluorescent lighting, combined with the computer screen, can be draining.  A few minutes outside can give you a boost of Vitamin D to help you recharge.
  • Stretch:  A good stretching session increases blood flow.  But you don’t have to make time for a full yoga class to reap the benefits.  10-15 minutes a day of stretching can go a long way.
  • Unplug:  Working, social media, streaming.  Nearly everything we do nowadays is done on some sort of device.  Regularly unplugging is necessary to stay balanced and keep the creativity flowing.
  • Exercise:  Regular exercise, as we all know, is crucial to staying healthy.  However, a regular exercise routine is key to staying motivated.  Trying a new workout every now and then also helps to recharge.
  • Relaxing Bath:  This is one that can be done as often as necessary.  Take an extra 15 minutes for a relaxing bath.  Add a few drops off essentials oil for added relaxation.
  • Get Away:  If possible, change scenery.  It doesn’t need to be an exotic getaway.  A lot times, simply changing your surroundings helps to breathe new life into our routine.


How do you recharge your batteries?

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