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Rest Days

Rest days should be a part of your workout regimen.  It’s essential to take rest days regularly. Without them, you run the risk of burnout as well as injury.  Sure, it’s always fun to count steps, miles, strokes, and reps.  But you also need a break.  Don’t look at it as slacking off, but as part of your training.  When to take a rest day varies. Some people schedule their rest days.  Others take them on an “as needed” basis.  I find it easier to schedule my rest days in my calendar.  

Rest Days

  • Sleep Better:  A regular exercise routine can help you get better sleep.  Over-training, on the other hand, negatively affects your sleep.  Too much training can cause insomnia.
  • Prevents Injury:  Rest is when our muscles get a break from the wear & tear we put them through.  By giving them proper rest, we give them a chance heal and prevent injury.
  • Prevents Burnout:  We always start off a training regimen with a bang!  But, in our excitement, we can overdo it.  This is where rest days come in handy to prevent burnout.
  • Repair Damaged Tissue:  Working out causes minor muscle tears.  The resting/recovery phase is where the magic happens.  This is when we muscles get stronger and bigger.
  • Prevents Illness:  Just like injuries, over-training also breaks down your immune system.  To prevent getting sick while training, take a rest day.

rest day

When taking your rest days, it’s important to remember that you CAN still get up and move about.  The key is to take a break from your routine.  If you’re core workout is running, take a walk.  When in doubt, a walk is always THE perfect recovery workout.  Or nap!  It’s never the wrong time for a nap.  Another great thing to do is to schedule your treat that day.  Consider getting a massage, or a mani/pedi.  Read a book.  Whatever makes you feel rested.

How do you spend your recovery day?

4 thoughts on “Rest Days

  1. I try to make sure my rest days include stretching and other gentle movements. I run for exercise, so it’s important for me to work on hip openers and quad/hamstring stretches.

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