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Monday Motivation

Motivation can be difficult on Mondays this time of year. It’s cold and your resolutions or goals may have fallen by the wayside by now.  The cold weather is enough to keep me indoors all winter long, not just on a random Monday.  We were in Missouri last week.  So I could go on and on with reasons to not workout on a cold Monday.  Reason # 456,432 we moved to Florida.  But we’ll save my gratitude for Florida for an upcoming edition of Thankful Thursday.  The cold weather outside ALMOST kept me in bed.  I needed extra motivation. So I went to the Internet for help!  Here are some reasons to get out and work out.  You may need them at some point.

Monday Motivation


  • Set A Date:  Think about a party, vacation, or any other event you may have coming up.  This can motivate you to get in a good workout.  I’m not a fan of focusing on one specific event as far as goal setting goes.  But this is helpful for getting a quick hit of motivation.
  • Alone Time:  A workout is ideal for squeezing some always-needed Me Time.  Incorporate your workout into a morning routine to maximize your alone time.
  • Stimulate Your Mind and Body:  A good exercise session will get your energy and creative juices flowing.  Try it!  Remember how good you felt after your last workout.  Get that feeling again.
  • Remember Your Goals:  Think of how much fitter you’ll be and how better you’ll feel when reaching your goals.
  • Dress It Up:  Wear that cute workout outfit you just bought and are saving for “that special race”.
  • Bribery:  Or reward!  Think of an immediate way to reward yourself after your workout.  It can be a well earned break, watching trash TV.  Or anything that immediately accessible to you.  No need to spend money on it.

When was the last time you weren’t feeling working out?  How did you get over it?

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