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Hydration is Necessary!

We always hear about hydration and water intake.  How much? How often?  Should we wait till thirsty?  These are just a few of the questions that come when hydration is a topic of conversation. Summer is usually the time where worry more about our water intake.  However, proper hydration is necessary year-round. The hot weather makes staying properly hydrated a major area of concern.  But this is not the best plan of attack to keep your body at its peak. We need to keep hydrated every day, regardless of the weather.  The cooler temps during the winter make is easy to forget to stay hydrated.  Even though you’re not sweating buckets, it’s still possible to get dehydrated.

Hydration 101

  • Flushes Your System:  Proper hydration helps with kidney function.  Kidneys are responsible for flushing out waste from our bodies.  Water helps get rid of this waste through urine.
  • Improved Productivity:  A refreshing glass of water helps promote creativity and productivity by clearing brain fog.
  • Promotes Regularity:  Often times, constipation due to lack of water in the system.  Drinking enough water also helps to keep your bowel movements regular.
  • Clear Skin:  Flushing out toxins can help reduce the risk of pimples.


It’s ideal to drink a minimum of half your body weight.  (If you’re 100 lbs., drink 50 ounces of water daily.)  It’s important to know that this “rule” is simply the starting point.  Drink more if you can.  If you’re the type that forgets to drink water, make it a point to keep a water bottle handy.  Keep a dedicated bottle in your gym bag.  Always keep it visible.  A constant reminder will help you to be intentional increasing your water intake.  My favorite to take on the road is the Nathan Chroma Steel bottle.  I like to fill it about a quarter and freeze it with the lid off.  *DISCLAIMER:  I don’t think Nathan promotes freezing the water bottle, but I’ve been doing for several months now and have not seen an issue.  (Freeze at your own risk.)

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