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Workout Buddy

Who’s your workout buddy?  If you don’t have one, you should find one.  The workout buddy will keep you accountable.  Your workout buddy will help reach your fitness goals.  Your buddy can help get you out of your comfort zone.  Most importantly, your workout buddy will keep you motivated.  Keep in mind, your buddy doesn’t need to local to you.

Your buddy, like mine, can be clear across the country.  A virtual buddy offers the same benefits as an in persona workout partner.  The most important characteristic is that your workout buddy be reliable.  At the same time, you’ll need to reciprocate that reliability.

Workout Buddy

So why is this workout buddy so important?  In addition to the obvious, keeping each other company, you and your buddy help each other in subtle ways.

  • Pushes You:  Your buddy will see that you can do one more rep, one more mile, or one more squat.  It usually takes another person to tell us how much more we can do.  By pushing each other, you’ll both help each other improve.
  • Keeps You Accountable:  We are more apt to keep appointments we make with others than those we make to ourselves.  I’ve always wondered why that is.  Whatever the reason, if you make a date, you probably won’t bail.
  • Learn:  By watching your friend work out, you’ll most likely learn a thing or two.  Try it!  For example, your buddy may have a variation to those lunges you’ve been doing the same way for years.
  • Have Fun:  Everything is better with friends!  Having company can take your mind off dreading a workout and turn it into a positive experience.
  • Get Better:  Competition is healthy.  Whether you’re running next to your bestie, or participating in a FitBit Challenge, you’re competing.  The person next to you (or icon above yours) is making you better.  They help you push yourself just that much more.

Workout buddy

Even though you feel like you need support, it’s important to also be a support for someone else.  Remember, you don’t have to be perfect to support someone else.  You just need to be there.  Who’s your workout buddy?

4 thoughts on “Workout Buddy

  1. I can never find a workout buddy. It never works out geographically because I live in the hinterlands. Closest I ever came was Fitbit challenge buddies.

    1. Hinterlands…LOL! I’ve never heard of this reference. I assume it’s similar to the boonies?

      I can understand not having anyone nearby. My buddy is my BFF in Philadelphia (I’m in Florida). I think the Fitbit challenges provide healthy competition and support. Keep at it!

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