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Word of the Year: Uncomfortable

Uncomfortable, by definition, has a negative connotation.  So choosing this as my word/theme for 2018 may seem strange.  After all, the theme for the year should be a word that inspires you to take action to reach a goal.  I’ve been coddling myself way too much lately in all aspects of life: business and fitness, especially.  I’m challenging myself to do something uncomfortable each day.  It can be anything from pushing myself in running to doing a pesky chore that I “don’t” like.  That’s the beauty of a word vs a resolution.  You have a wider range to challenge yourself.  In what area do you want to challenge yourself?

I quit setting resolutions a few years back.  Instead, I pick a word/intention/theme (whatever you want to call it) for the year.  Resolutions are too much pressure.  They are all-or-nothing.  Once you break them, it feels so final.  In order to avoid that feeling, no more resolutions!  In addition to NOT setting a resolution, pick a theme to adhere to.  You’ll see more results this way and stay motivated.


Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

Why intentionally seek discomfort?  Well, that’s where and when growth happens.  Think about all the times you’ve learned a life lesson.  There’s always some type of discomfort behind the learning opportunity.

  • Do It:  Decide to get uncomfortable and just do it.  Seek out daily opportunities to get uncomfortable.  If you look, I promise you’ll find them.
  • Bit by Bit:  Keep in mind, the opportunities don’t need to be HUGE.  In fact, they don’t even have to be related to your main goal.  For example, if your goal is get comfortable talking to strangers, try getting uncomfortable during your workout.  The key is to make discomfort a part of your life.
  • Fake it Till You Make It:  Don’t overanalyze it.  Just tell yourself you got this.  And get to it.  You’ve heard of the phrase, “fake it till you make it”?  Well, this is the perfect time to practice that.
  • Support:  As usual, tell a friend.  Having a support system is essential any kind of growth.
  • Make it a Habit:  This one’s easy.  Do it daily.  Make that your non-negotiable task each day.

How will you challenge yourself and get uncomfortable in 2018?  If you decide to make being uncomfortable a habit, then you will see growth.


4 thoughts on “Word of the Year: Uncomfortable

  1. I’m interested in finding a good balance. Most of my life’s choices keep me in a state outside of my comfort zone and now, I’m looking to relax and enjoy.

  2. This is a really good word. I know 2018 is going to be big for you if you’re doing things that make you uncomfortable. You gotta get outside your comfort zone for any big things to go down, right?! My word is Grow.

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