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Why Drink Shakeology

Shakeology is one of the more popular shakes on the market.  It’s no secret that I’ve been a Team Beachbody coach for a few years.  The accountability that being a coach offers is amazing.  Not to mention the products work.  But, of course, you need to use them properly.  Shakeology can have all the benefits in the world.  But if you’re still having that McDouble Triple Burger every night, you might as well not waste your money.  It’s like that with any weight loss plan, diet, or workout routine, if you’re not covering all your bases, you won’t see lasting results.

Why Drink Shakeology?

  • Filling:  This is a big deal to me.  Sure, a meal replacement shake can boast of being only 200 calories.  But if I’m hungry an hour later, there’s no point in having it simply because it’s low-cal.  Is it really replacing a meal then?  I have Shakeology for breakfast and it holds me till my mid-morning snack.  This is perfect for me, as I like to snack.
  • Ease:  It’s nice to have at least one per day that you don’t need to think about.  You can make it as simple as just adding water.  Or you can really dress it up by adding peanut butter, fruit, or really anything else you’d like.
  • Variety:  Shakeology gets you out of the rut of “wondering what to cook for dinner”.  Just add a few different ingredients each time and you’ll a new flavor.
  • Weight Loss:  The proteins and amino acids promote muscle growth to aid in sustained weight loss.
  • Regularity:  The probiotics, prebiotics, and fiber help support regular bowel movements and healthy digestion.


When choosing a meal replacement shake, it’s important to look at the overall ingredients.  Some shakes may be less expensive, but when it comes to quality, they won’t stack up.  Keep this in mind.

Are drinking any protein/meal replacement shakes?