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Never Miss a Monday

It’s important to never miss a Monday during your fitness journey.  Sure, rest days are encouraged and necessary.  But Monday should not be the day you miss.  Mondays have a reputation for being a crappy day.  So this makes more acceptable to relax after a ‘case of the Mondays‘.  Or if you spent the entire weekend couch surfing, what’s one more day?  For those who enjoy resolutions and clean slates, Mondays offer a new start.  Although it’s important to keep in mind, you can start any time.  But, let’s talk Mondays for now.

Never Miss a Monday

When planning your week, be sure to include a Monday workout.  This can be anything.  As long you’re moving on Monday, you’re on the right track.  Instead of dreading Mondays, schedule a workout you enjoy.  Or try out that new class you’ve been itching to try.  That way, if you feel like you had a terrible day, at least you’ll have one thing to look forward to.

Still not convinced why you should never miss a Monday?

  • Sets a Pattern:  Start the week of with a workout, you’ll more than likely keep that going the rest of the week.  It’s the principle behind don’t break the chain, the premise behind Jerry Seinfeld’s productivity secret.
  • Nix the Anxiety:  When you’re dreading that mountain of paperwork or making those sales calls, a good workout goes a long way.  A high-intensity workout has been known to reduce anxiety.
  • Sleep Better:  Studies show that those who exercise regularly (at least 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week) sleep significantly better.  This sounds like a win-win to me.  I’m a fan of anything that makes me sleep better.

Never Miss a Monday


Even though Mondays were the subject of post, I understand not everyone has the same start of the week.  If Mondays don’t work for your schedule, pick a different day that works for you.  As long you keep the day the same, you’ll reap the same benefits.

What do you do to make your Mondays brighter?

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