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Little Things

Little things have a huge impact when lot when it comes to gratitude.  We easily express gratitude for the bigger, obvious things (the perfect house, luxury car, boat, etc.) when it comes to talking about things to be grateful for.  All too often, we forget to acknowledge and appreciate the little things in life.  Because they seem small, it’s easy to let these slip by in our daily hustle and bustle.  But no matter how mundane something might seem, it’s important realize that it is important and plays a significant role in our lives.  Without the small things, life would be more difficult, if not, near impossible.

The little things are often taken for granted.  They can be anything from the fact that you have a place to live (no matter the size) to the beauty of the Internet.  We even take our health for granted at times.  Unfortunately, sometimes it takes a big hit to get us to appreciate the small things.  It can be an illness or job loss.  With this in mind, it’s important to not wait until we lose things to be able to fully appreciate them.

Gratitude for the Little Things

  • It’s Compounding:  There’s a quote, “How you do anything, is how you do everything.”  By appreciating the small, daily things, you get into the habit of appreciating all that comes into your life, including the lessons.
  • Encouraging:  Appreciating everything that comes into our lives gives us perspective.  Things could always be worse.  Understanding this helps to avoid overwhelm, while encouraging
  • Lasting Memories:  The majority of our memories involve small things.  It could be cooking Sunday dinners with Mom, doing chores, or walks with a special person.  The actions themselves are small.  But the memories they create last a lifetime.

little things

What’s are “small things” are you grateful for today?

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