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Lessons, Losses, Setbacks

Lessons, losses, setbacks; these are not words you’d want to hear when working towards a goal or project.  However, these happen in all facets of life and need to be embraced.  In fact, we should look forward to these lessons.  Today is Thankful Thursday, so of course, we’ll talk about how we should be grateful for lessons, losses, and setbacks.  It’s important to not look at these experiences as losses, but as lessons.

When we’re taking inventory of our progress we tend to look at the positive experiences and expect to learn only from those.  Similarly, it’s important to take a look at areas where we don’t feel we did our best.  By analyzing the negative experiences, we learn bigger lessons that prepare us for the future.

Lessons or Losses

We grew up believing that there are wins and then there are losses.  I prefer to see them as wins and lessons.  Just because you didn’t “win” or hit your PR on a particular race doesn’t mean you lost.  It’s important to take this opportunity as way to learn from it.  First, you should approach the situation looking for ways to learn from it.  I guarantee…You will always find something positive.  It can be how to handle the same situation.  Or you can learn how to avoid it from happening again.


The next time you face negative experience, accept it.  It’s OK to give yourself a pity party.  But keep it short.  Dwelling on mistakes or negative experiences won’t change the fact of the matter.  Whatever happened is done.  Instead, find something you could’ve done differently.  Once you’ve learned your lesson, it’s also helps to share what you learned.  By sharing, you can help someone else who might face the same situation.  And most importantly, be grateful for this lesson.

What recent lesson are you appreciate of?

5 thoughts on “Lessons, Losses, Setbacks

  1. I like that you say it’s ok to have a pity party. Just don’t get stuck in that mode. Good advice. Setbacks happen but what you do after is what counts!

  2. I agree with Dani. Pity serves a purpose. I don’t believe in not allowing yourself the space to feel bad when something unwanted occurs. It’s all part of the living! Move through it and then move on.

  3. I totally agree. Pity has a purpose. I don’t believe in denying the feelings of disappointment or hurt when something unintended happens. It’s all a part of the living. Move through it and then move on.

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