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Clean Living Series: Deodorants

Welcome to Week Two of our Clean Living Series.  We’re talking deodorants.  While at the personal care aisle, you’ll see a seemingly endless choice of deodorants and antiperspirants.  When overhauling your personal care products, it’s important to look at labels, just like with your diet.  In the last few years, there has been an increase in natural, organic, and non-toxic products.  This is because a lot of the ingredients found in the conventional products we use daily contain harmful chemicals.

Deodorants or Anti-Perspirant?

Before we talk about the benefits of ditching anti-perspirants, let’s talk about perspiration.  First off, it’s totally OK and necessary for us to sweat.  We’ve often heard that sweating is the body’s way of cooling itself.  This is correct. In addition to regulating our body’s temperature, sweating also detoxifies the body, boosts endorphins, and prevents pimples.

It’s important to let the body sweat.  This is where using deodorants instead of antiperspirants comes in. Most mass-produced deodorants include toxic ingredients such as, aluminum, tri-closan and parabens, among others.  These ingredients are linked to cancer and Alzheimer’s.

The great thing is that perspiration alone isn’t what causes odor.  After, it’s just salt and water.  The odor occurs when the perspiration comes in contact with the naturally occurring bacteria on our skin.  This is where natural deodorants come in.  The active ingredient in most natural deodorants is baking soda.  Others may use bentonite clay for those allergic to baking soda.  The principle is the same with both of these.  They kill the odor-causing bacteria.  Without these bacteria, there is no odor.  VOILA!!!  That’s why natural deodorants work.

My husband and I haven’t used antiperspirants in several years, since I started making our own.  I’m ECSTATIC to say there has been no odor and this is even during summer workouts.  What’s a better test than that?


Have you switched over natural personal care items?  What are you using?

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