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What’s Not to Love About Walking?

Walking for fitness is something we often take for granted.  It’s something we learned to do as babies, and most of us can do it.  Despite its simplicity, walking is an exercise you should add to your workout regimen.  It doesn’t matter if you’re new to fitness or training for twentieth Ironman (or attempting to shake a rut), walking benefits everyone.  Walking, even a few minutes a day, can change your mood and improve your heart health.

Why Take Up Walking?


Most studies show that walking for at least 30 minutes each day has tremendous benefits for our health.  Even if you can’t get out for 30 minutes at a time, you can always break that time up throughout the day. Now that I’ve mentioned that walking is great for everyone, let’s find out why.

  • Improved Mood:  A short walk, even a short one, can clear your mind.  A few minutes of exercise, especially outside, can change your outlook from a bad day to a great one.
  • Increase Creativity:  Mild exercise can stimulate the brain to and increase inspiration.
  • Weight Loss:  The obvious benefit here is that regular exercise and contributes to weight loss.  Obviously while keeping your food intake under control.
  • Improved Heart Health:  Daily walks can improve blood pressure and reduce your risk of coronary disease.
  • Recovery:  Since it’s low impact, walking can help during recovery from injuries
  • Help Balance:  Regular walks help increase lower-body strength, increasing balance.
  • Reduce PMS Symptoms:  Although it may not be the first thing you want to do, taking a walk help reduce menstrual cramps.
  • Socialize:  Daily walks are good opportunities to make new friends or strengthen existing ones.  Be open and you just might make a new friend!

How often do you go for a walk?  Do you go solo?  I’m a sucker for a daily walk to the beach!  I mean…Have you seen my IG feed lately?

10 thoughts on “What’s Not to Love About Walking?

  1. Walking is like the easybutton workout for me. We walk as a family on the weekends and I find myself really looking forward to it during the week. I like a good beach walk myself.

  2. I hate walkingggg…lol I think it’s so boring but I know it’s got a ton of benefits. If I do walk, I usually do the in home tapes which i really enjoy. Plus when i add my own music, it’s really fun!

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