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Meditation…Should You Do It?

Meditation is something that’s been on my mind for a few years now.  I have always avoided it because I could not bring myself to sit still and be quiet for a long period of time.  And by long period, I mean 10 minutes.  Yoga classes have always been difficult for me because of this.  My mind is always thinking about what’s happening next.  What I may have forgotten to do, and did I turn off the stove.  You know that feeling we get that lingers on all day, wondering what you may have forgotten.

Then I heard the phrase “guided meditation”.  It’s self-explanatory.  There’s someone talking you through the meditation.  The Headspace  app does just that.  It’s separated into different “packs”.  Packs are a specific number of days dedicated to the particular goal.  These can be anything from health, work, sport, etc.  The different packs in Headspace cover just about every aspect of life.  The great thing is that it starts off with a basic.  All other packs are locked until the basics pack is completed.


Meditation Benefits

Meditating on a regular basis helps in just about any way you can think of.  For me, meditation is most beneficial in the fitness aspect of my life, along with my morning routine.  If you read the “reboot” post last week, you’ll know why meditation is a necessity for me right now.  I can see a difference in the way I approach my day after meditating.  My biggest takeaway, right now, is that I am present in each task throughout the day.  Normally, I think about what’s next while running through my current task.

  • Instills Being Present:  Meditation encourages you to be still in the moment.  This means you don’t think about what’s coming up next.  You simply finish the task at hand.  Being present will also allow you to enjoy the task.
  • Encourages Self-Awareness:  Being quiet helps you become better acquainted with YOU!  The quiet moments allow you to see within and figure what it is you want, what’s really bothering, etc.
  • Improves Health:  Meditation improves your energy levels, reduces stress and blood pressure, and helps improve breathing rates.
  • Improves Concentration:  Meditation increases concentration.  Not only do you concentrate during your meditation session, but you also have better concentration throughout the day.

You can reap the benefits of meditation regardless of how long you practice each time.  It’s impossible to meditate for hours at a time right from the beginning.  This is why it’s important to practice and gradually increase your time.  Quality is more important that quantity.  It’s better to meditate for five minutes and fully immerse yourself, than to force yourself to be still and quiet for 15 minutes and end up frustrated.

Do you meditate?  If not, what’s keeping you?

11 thoughts on “Meditation…Should You Do It?

  1. I meditate off and on. This year was not as on as usual for various reasons…but I probably needed it more than ever. It doesn’t need to be 10 mins. Start with 1 minute, then 2…etc.

  2. I JUST downloaded a bunch of meditation apps yesterday. I always forget how much better my life is when I meditate (and exercise) regularly. I got Calm and some other stuff but then I realized I only really needed some background soundscapes so I renewed my subbie to a sleep app.

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