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Make Time for Exercise

Make time for exercise or you’ll be forced to make time for illness.  Sounds a bit judgy, right?  I can’t remember where I read that, but it kind of rubbed me the wrong way.  At first I thought it was casting judgment.  But as I gave it more thought, the more I agreed.  As women, we tend to put others’ needs ahead of our own; exercise being one of them.  Some may see exercise as ‘me-time’ or selfish.  Exercise can be your way of having me-time.  However, it’s not selfish.  Exercising is necessary to stay healthy.

Most people say don’t have enough time to exercise.  Well, I’m here to break the bad news to you!  You’ll have MAKE time.  Either you make the time now, when you’re healthy, to stay that way.  Or you’ll be forced to deal with an illness or discomfort down the road.  Keep in mind, to “make time” doesn’t mean you have to find 3 hours a day to work out.  10-15 minutes each time adds up and will make a difference.  Combine the extra time with a healthier diet to see AND feel the difference.Make Time

How Can I Make Time for Exercise?

  • Find the Time:  Let’s start with the MOST obvious suggestion.  Take a look at your daily schedule.  Then evaluate your activities.  Delegate some activities.  If you don’t have a schedule, I strongly recommend you make one.  Once you see your day in writing, you’ll find that you do, indeed, have time.
  • Make a Plan:  Know what you’re going to do before you start.  If you only have 15 minutes for a workout, it’s necessary to utilize ALL 15 minutes to actually do the work.  If you don’t have a plan, you’ll end up wasting time.
  • Make Passive Tasks Active:  We all have those tasks that NEED to get done, but don’t require you to stay in one place to do so.  Consider making those phone calls while walking.  Or hop on the treadmill while you read.
  • Sacrifice:  After all is said and done, some things may will need to be cut out altogether.  Prioritize your activities and cut out activities that are not getting you closer to your goals.
  • Think Positive:  Look at working out as a privilege.  It’s something you GET to do.  Not something that you HAVE to do.  Once your outlook changes, it’ll be easier to get your workout in.
  • Make it Social:  All relationships need to be fostered: spouses, kids, etc.  A quick walk with them helps in two ways.  You get to exercise AND spend time with your person.  NOTE:  Nagging never helps!  Don’t tell them they NEED to work out with you.  Instead, ask them to help you with your goals.  Or better yet, make it about spending time together.
  • Ban the Ride:  Depending on where you live, walk to run (some) errands.  If you can, walk instead of driving.  As a result, you’ll save a few bucks while trimming your waistline.  WIN-WIN!!!

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How do you squeeze time in to exercise?

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