Lemon Water 101

Lemon Water

Lemon water has many health benefits.  No, I’m not talking about lemonade.  I’m talking adding lemon to your water.  Despite its wonderful benefits, drinking your lemon water is not the cornerstone to dieting.  However, it’s a great addition to your routine.  Remember, all small changes to your diet add up to big results.

My favorite way to have my lemon water is to drink it as a tea, first thing in the morning.  It’s usually the second thing I drink in the morning (16 ounces of water being the first).  I’m a firm believer in having a routine and this a huge part of it.

Lemon Water Benefits

The benefits of lemon water come from both, the lemon and the water.  Combining both makes it easier to reap the benefits of both.

  • Hydration:  This is the obvious benefit to drinking lemon water.  Let’s face it, the more water in your cup, the better it is for you.  This is especially helpful first thing in the morning.  While sleeping, your body can become dehydrated.  So, it’s great to start the day by watering your system.
  • Improved Immunity:  Lemons are loaded with Vitamin C.  Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps protect against free radicals.
  • Regulates Digestive System:  There’s no way around it.  Warm lemon water makes you poop.  I didn’t need to look up studies for this one, I’ve experienced it firsthand.
  • Boosts Potassium:  Surprisingly, lemons are very high in potassium.  This surprised me.  Potassium is essential in nerve-muscle function.  Potassium can also counter the effects of salt on high blood pressure.

Obviously, this post was geared towards my preference to drinking lemon water in the mornings.  However, you can still reap the same benefits by drinking lemon water throughout the day.  So if you absolutely can not stomach lemon water, feel free to have some later in the day.  The point is to HAVE. YOUR. WATER.

What is your favorite way to dress up your water?

16 comments to Lemon Water 101

  • Dani  says:

    I start my day with (hot) lemon water too!! Then a second cup with just hot water cuz in my weird mind i feel like i wanna flush the first cup down hahahaha

    Another bonus is that its alkaline properties when its in ur body

    • Yokasta  says:

      OOOH! That second cup sounds great. I’m totally copying you on that. 😀

  • Natalie @ PegCityLovely  says:

    I alternate my water drinking each day. Some days I start with hot lemon water, other days, I will have room temperature water infused with lemon, cucumber and mint. Working in an office each day, I also make sure to keep a full water bottle on my desk.
    Now if only my teenagers would get on this…

    • Yokasta  says:

      Right! Teenagers…OY!!! I have 19 year-old. I feel your pain. I’ve also heard good things about cucumber and mint. Another option!

  • Kirsten  says:

    I’ve heard about the benefits of drinking lemon water but I haven’t really tried it myself. I drink a lot of water during the day but may start adding lemon to it in the mornings.

    • Yokasta  says:

      Totally try it! Let me know what differences you notice.

  • Dr. Renee  says:

    I usually drink water with Benefiter in it. I drink a gallon a day. I also drink hot water with apple cider vinegar, stevia and cinnamon. I have found this combination has helped me lose weight and belly fat.

    • Yokasta  says:

      Interesting!! I’ve heard great things about ACV as well. I’ll try your combo sometime.

  • Bianca Dottin  says:

    I have to admit that lemon water isn’t my favorite but after reading this I’m going to try and get better at drinking it. Maybe if I knock it out in the morning, I can handle it.

    • Yokasta  says:

      Yep! First thing, get it done. If it’s too unbearable in the beginning, add a little bit of honey. Just a drop.

  • Jhéanell  says:

    I love the way lemon water tastes. My hubby can’t get into it with me, but I keep telling him that he’s missing out on the benefits.

    • Yokasta  says:

      Same here! Mine looks at me crazy when I’m drinking it. But he adds lemon to his ice water. It’s not that much different.

  • Patranila  says:

    My mother swore by hot lemon water every morning. I used to think it was awful but I love it now. Trouble is, lately I can’t talk myself out of coffee instead. I’m working on it. LOL

    • Yokasta  says:

      I know, right!! It didn’t sound good to me the first time I heard of it. But now I can’t go without it.

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