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Fitness Reboot

Fitness reboot?  What’s that?  Do you need one?  Sometimes we fall off the wagon and have to start over again.  Welcome to my world the last few months…err, years.  I signed up for several half marathons, only to not run them because I didn’t train.  I couldn’t even begin tell you how many times I started and re-started C25K.  I’m happy to say I’m on Week 5 of this (and final) attempt of C25K.  This is actually the farthest I’ve gotten on C25K since I started running in 2010.

Along with a fitness reboot, the Universe also decided my website needed a reboot.  A few months ago, my site went down and I lost EVERYTHING!  So, here we are also rebooting the website.  YAY!!!  So I took this as THE perfect time to post about getting back into fitness.

Fitness Reboot

Fitness Reboot

How do you know you need a reboot?

  • You’ve memorized your workout.  A good workout should always keep you on your toes.  Once you can predict the next move, it’s time to switch it up.  The switch can be as simple as running a bit faster or longer.  Or, you can find a new workout altogether.  If you’re running, try swimming.  Take a take class you’ve never taken before. Or, simply, get outside.
  • You’re not seeing any progress.  Before we get into this part, remember that you should always measure your progress in different ways, not just the scale.  Measure your progress by seeing how much faster you’ve gotten, how much heavier, you can lift, by how your clothes fit, etc.  If you’re not seeing any progress whatsoever, then it may be time to change your routine.
  • Injuries are common.  While you may be seeing progress, it’s no help if you’re getting injured in the process.  If you’re constantly having the same injury, it’s time to consider another workout.  Cross-training should always be a part of your training regimen.  This allows specific muscles group rest, while simply enjoying a different workout.
  • You’re making excuses.  Let’s face it, life happens!  However, if you’re skipping your workouts because of the smallest excuse (it’s raining, too cold, too late, whatever), it’s time to switch it up.

Great!  So now you realized you need a fitness reboot.  What do you now?  Simple!  Get out and do something.  Go for a walk or run.  Try a new class.  Pop in that DVD that’s been collecting dust.  Bottom line, try something new, but keep moving.  It’s easy to get into the routine of NOT doing anything.  Once that becomes your routine, it’s difficult to get out of it.  My biggest piece of advice is to keep doing something.

7 thoughts on “Fitness Reboot

  1. I started Zumba recently and I’m having the best time. It’s been a great way to do another form of cardio besides just walking on the treadmill. I try to not be too hard on myself and just keep moving.

  2. Great tips. I reboot my fitness routines often. I do a variety of beachbody workouts, I run, I weight train in the gym, and I’m about to start crossfit. I just like the variety! I loved my old C25K and am looking for a 10K app now.

  3. Oh goodness! I couldn’t imagine losing my website, I would BAWL! Good on you for taking it in stride!
    I’ve recently done a fitness reboot by starting to attend Orange Theory Fitness, it works best for my busy full time working mom life! Get in and get out – but still get the results. Thanks to OTF I ran my first 5K last year!

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