Rest Day…Dreaded four-letter word among fitness fans. A rest day can be hard to take if you’re in the groove and seeing results.  A rest day (or days) is just as important as your training plan.  As a matter of fact, rest days should be included in training calendar.  If you don’t take rest days, rest assured your training will suffer.  Avoiding a rest day may lead to fatigue or even illness.  

How often to take a rest day varies depending on the individual.  Some of us automatically designate a rest day on our training calendars.  While others listen to their bodies and rest as needed.  Marking the day on the calendar helps us look towards that treat.  When listening to your body, you’ll need to pay extra attention.  If you’re constantly sore or becoming ill while training it’s important to make sure you’re taking that rest day.

Rest Day

Benefits of a Rest Day

  • Prevents Injury:  This may be the most obvious reason, but so often overlooked.  Pushing ourselves is necessary for improvement.  Resting, however, prevents muscle overuse.  Pushing too hard without resting leads to injury.
  • Sleep Better:  A rest day helps your body recover by helping you sleep better.  Constantly pushing keeps our bodies on edge with an increased heart rate.  Resting helps to lower our resting heart rate.
  • Strengthen Muscles:  Training creates micro tears on the muscles.  Resting helps these muscles to recover, improve, and grow.
  • Mood Enhancer:  Fatigue can have an effect on your mood.  Overtraining can put you in a foul mood.  After a rest day you’ll feel refreshed and in a much better mood.
  • Increased Energy:   It’s easy to get in the groove of training and not notice that your energy is fading.  A rest day helps take care of this.  More often then not, you’ll notice more energy after taking that rest day. 

Written by: Yokasta

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