Gym bag essentials are crucial to getting to the gym.  These are especially important when you operate on a tight schedule.  A well-packed gym bag can mean the different between getting your workout in or not.  Let’s face it, one of the reasons we go to the gym is to look and feel better.  Packing gym bag essentials will help you leave the gym looking and feeling your best.  Not only will carrying gym bag essentials help you look better, but also help to make your workout more effective.

The great thing about having gym bag essentials is that you can pack the majority beforehand.  Once they’re packed, you can leave them in the bag.  Most of the things are inexpensive.  So you will be able to have a set that you keep in your gym bag.

gym bag essentials

Gym Bag Essentials

  • Gym Bag:  This is a no-brainer, right?  The ideal gym bag should have enough room to pack all your essentials.  Having a gym-dedicated bag helps cut down on time it takes to pack your bag.  My current favorite gym bag is a bowling-style from Lululemon.
  • Flip Flops: Locker room floors are crawling with bacteria and fungus.  The last thing you want to do is catch a athlete’s foot from walking barefoot in the showers.  Put on some flip flops!  You can pick up a pair from Old Navy.
  • Fresh Top:  Even if you don’t plan on showering at the gym, it’s always nice to walk out of the gym with a clean tank or shirt.
  • Towel:  I don’t mind using the standard, gym-issued towel to place on the workout equipment.  But when it comes to my shower, I like to bring my own towel to the gym.  It’s nice, plush, and feels like I’m at home.  Yes, I take my towel situation seriously!
  • Wet Wipes:  Since I mainly use these for my face, I like to use facial cleansing wipes from Costco.  These are great for wiping sweat and grime off your face.  And can be used elsewhere in a pinch.
  • Hair Ties:  It’s torture for me to work out with my hair feeling loose.  I always have a few hair ties and bobby pins as part of my gym bag essentials.  
  • Coconut Oil:  Why?  Because coconut oil is the magic cure for EVERYTHING, that’s why!  I use it as moisturizer for skin AND hair, lip balm, I could go on for days. 
  • Deodorant:  Come on, you can’t shower and NOT put on deodorant.  I use lavender scented deodorant form TYD Essentials.

What’s in your gym bag?

Written by: Yokasta

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