Gratitude reminders are every where in November. Why wait for one month out of the year to be grateful?  Why not be intentionally grateful each day?  Or at least more often that one month out of the year?  Since I asked myself these questions recently, I decided to add Thankful Thursdays to the blog.  It’s easy to look at our goals and think about what don’t have.  Of course goals are necessary in our lives.  They are what get us going in the mornings.  But along with goals, it’s also important to be grateful for the current situation in our lives; the things we’ve acquired.  Expressing gratitude, even for the seemingly negative situation, makes our lives fuller and opens us up to receive even more things to be grateful for.

You’re probably wondering how gratitude ended up on a fitness site.  It may not be first component that comes to mind when when talking fitness, but gratitude is just as important as putting in those miles or reps.  Gratitude reminds us of how far we’ve come.  Thankful Thursdays won’t just include fitness-related items.  It can include the little things in life (e.g. waking up on time), as well large, obvious things to be grateful for.


Show Gratitude Regularly

  • Reach your Goals:  It’s easy to dwell on a “bad” week of training.  By appreciating how far you’ve come, you shift the focus away from that off-week.  Shifting focus towards the positive makes your goals clearer.
  • Improved Sleep:  Yes…you read that right! Gratitude improves your sleep.  Once you begin to appreciate all the goodness around you, you’ll feel less stress and worry.  This leads to less sleepless nights.
  • Increased Optimism:  Looking at the bright side of things makes our situations a little lighter.  Optimism helps us to see the positive in a negative situation.  
  • More Friends:  Let’s face it…No one likes being around a Negative Nancy.  A little more gratitude can help to solidify existing friendships and create new ones.
  • Higher Self-Esteem:  Expressing for gratitude for our flaws helps boost self-esteem.  An elevated sense of self helps to keep away that green-eyed monster, envy.

Expressing gratitude does not to be a drawn-out process.  Simply taking a few moments to think of the things you’re grateful for is enough.  Once you’ve gotten in the habit of expressing gratitude, it may be helpful to jot things down.  My favorite place to write is the Best Self Journal.  It can be used for personal and business/career goals.  Most importantly, it includes two sections for daily gratitude (morning & evening).

What are you grateful for today?

Written by: Yokasta

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